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Scout's Guide

The Essence of a Ranger

Rangers are survivalists. They are hunters. They are masters of their domain, the regions that lie outside the "sheltering" (oppressing, to a Ranger) walls of the cities. As such they tend to be jacks-of-all-trades of sorts. Their main abilities focus on what it takes to survive on their own in the wilderness but they tend to have other minor abilities which may even rely on skills which they do not, as a rule, learn to great depths ... just so they can find another way to survive or help others to do the same.

Rangers are also, in general, a very tight-knit group. Not unusual is it for a Trailmaster to step away from his normal routine and accompany a young Scout out into the fields and guide them through their first hunt. If for no other reason, than their primary purpose once again: training a new hunter means another hunter who could one day be the extra blade or bow that makes a difference in their fight for survival.

Here you will find some basic information to help those who seek more knowledge about the life of a Ranger. Mainly it is intended for the young, but I hope to have info that even the most grizzled of our number can find useful from time to time.

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