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Circle Calculator

Choose "Requirements" if you wish to see what the actual req's for a given circle are. Choose "Difference" if you want to see how many ranks you need to reach the indicated circle. Check the "Legacy" box if you want the calc to show all skills, even ones you've already fulfilled.

WARNING: This calc is programmed with the "old" Cleric req's to get you by until the new ones are released; due to a difference in how "old" req's and "new" req's (which the calc's main routine is based on) round fractional numbers, some req's may apper as one rank higher than they actually are. These errors are NOT cumulative and the numbers will still hold out in the long run and never be more than one rank off, at least as far as the accuracy of the req's I was able to find can be.

(exact req's Guildleader wants)     
(what you need for
the indicated circle)     
Show "legacy" skills in req's
(shows all skill req's whether
you've fulfilled them or not)

Show number of ranks to next circle for each skill below.

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