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Ranger Notes

Welcome to the Treehouse!

UPDATE! (03/17/2003) a variant version of the pics page has been added here in order to facilitate those who don't use MSIE and couldn't view the old one properly. Not as fancy, but gets the job done.

UPDATE! (02/27/2003) a page for pics and the like has been added. Although I will have to later add a section for such miscellaneous stuff, for now you can find it here.

Nothing glamorous, just a collection of things related (directly or indirectly) to life as a Ranger within the lands of Elanthia. There is no purpose here other than sharing information for those who might need it. I make no ironclad guarantees of the accuracy, depth or completeness of the info herein, only that if it is posted, I am relatively certain of its accuracy and accurate or not, it's the info I am going by myself until I find out otherwise.

The site is and likely will be, for as long as I maintain it, a work in progress. There will always be more data to post, new additions released which need covering or completely change what we "know" in Elanthia, or even just data I find out is just wrong and needs to be updated. The only promise I will make is that if it is posted here, then either that's how I found it to be, I at least attempted to confirm it myself or felt the source was reliable enough to take sight unseen (mistakes happen, heh).

Currently, there are sections for trails and magic, more are coming. Use the links at the top and bottom of each page for quick and easy navigation. Just be advised that although the links are all live, not all are supported yet. So if you get an error clicking them, don't panic. Chances are that just means the page isn't up yet. Some pages have a placeholder uploaded and will be fleshed out later on. As I said, a work in progress.

Many thanks to my wife, Pam (aka Taffei Snarfn'tart, Halfling Cleric) for her help with these pages. I am not much for snooping for clip art, but she's a genius at it. Most (if not all) of the artwork on this website is thanks to her web surfing prowess. A couple of pics are composites made by me with a few hours of work in MS Paint (like you will see on the Magic page), but she found the originals for me to work with. All artwork was either tagged as open for distribution, has its copyright built into the pic (such as above) or I am trying to find the appropriate copyright info in order to give credit (or remove, if necessary).

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